What is neuro-developmental therapy?

Neuro-developmental therapy works by giving the brain and nervous system a second chance to develop by introducing cues of safety and the signals received in-utero and in infancy.

My neuroplasticity programmes are a combination of very gentle, movement and specially engineered music, based on Polyvagal Theory and trauma-informed somatic embodiment.

Programmes are delivered remotely, in clinic, in nature or in the comfort of your home.

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SSP Safe and Sound Protocol

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Primitive Reflex Integration

Primitive reflex integration can help people discover the developmental steps that they have missed by showing the central nervous system what it should have done first time around, and making new, higher brain connections.

Those with behavioural, emotional, postural or learning challenges all have one thing in common: they have a prevalence of active primitive reflexes/retained reflexes. These are the reflexes we are all born with, which should have disappeared within the first two years of our lives, as we progress through the "typical" milestones, such as rolling, sitting, crawling, etc, within the "typical" window of development. If we do not integrate these primitive reflexes, they remain "retained" in our systems causing various challenges throughout life.

By using a combination of specific foetal and infant movement patterns, sometimes alongside a specially designed sound programme, it is possible to "reboot" the nervous system, giving you a second chance to meet those developmental milestones.

Primitive Reflex Integration

The Safe and Sound Protocol

The Safe and Sound Protocol by Unyte-iLs (formerly known as Integrated Listening Systems) is an evidence-based intensive listening programme aimed at those with anxiety, social communication difficulties and trauma that has been developed as a result of over four decades of peer-reviewed research, based on Dr Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory.

When you work with me, your entire family benefits from a flat rate, so there are no hidden surprises cost-wise. You will all go through the Connect programme first, which acts as part of my assessment process in terms of assessing suitability and readiness for SSP Core.

Move2Connect was amongst the first practices offer the Safe and Sound Protocol in the UK, and is now one of the most experienced Safe and Sound Protocol providers in the world, providing regular feedback and clinical advice to Unyte-iLs in the field of neuro-developmental therapy and the SSP.

The Safe and Sound Protocol

iLs Focus – Therapeutic Listening Programme

The comprehensive iLs Focus system incorporates auditory stimulation, movement and vision exercises in order to help the body and brain to reorganise.

This is a true one-stop shop neuroplasticity therapy, requiring dedication and discipline on the part of parents or caregivers for an effective result.

It is a wonderful follow-up to the Safe and Sound Protocol, offering enhanced safety, connection and whole body integration.

It is recommended that children complete at least three hours of listening per week, which can either be at home with remote check-ins.

The programme takes around six months to complete, and can be completed from the comfort of your own home, with remote check-ins to review progress and assign new movements.

For children with anxiety and auditory processing difficulties, it may be advisable to start off with the Safe and Sound Protocol before proceeding with the Focus System.

iLs Focus for auditory, visual and motor integration

Professional Training and Mentoring

As one of the early adopters of the Safe and Sound Protocol, I am part of a community of experienced practitioners who offer mentoring and coaching in all aspects of the Safe and Sound Protocol to newly trained and certified providers, as well as those who are not sure whether this is something they want to work with yet.

Professional training and mentoring

Remaining Regulated for Parents

I offer online support groups and one to one sessions for those having a tough time balancing life with being a “special needs” parent. Even better, group sessions are FREE to current SSP clients. In these sessions, we’ll explore how to navigate the world of SEND and how to ensure that you look after your nervous system so that you can hold the space to advocate for your child without it consuming your sanity.

Remaining Regulated

Public Speaking / Events

You can book me to speak to groups and organisations about polyvagal theory and mental health. Please contact me for details.

Public Speaking

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