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If you wish to contact me or book an appointment, the best way to make contact initially is by email. My e-mail address is, or you can call 07520 637726.

My after school appointments tend to get booked up a long way ahead, and priority for these appointments is always given to those already on a movement programme.

When you book an appointment, I will send you a form to complete.

If you are concerned about your child missing school, please be open with your school about what you are doing – I usually find that most schools are very happy to have children missing a couple of hours of school in the afternoon. You are coming to me to help your child – what I do sadly cannot be offered in schools at the moment.

If you wish to find out more about my programme and whether it might help you or your child. please take a good look through my blog posts, which are shared globally and are well-respected by the movers and shakers in the field!

You can also join this Facebook group for general information and networking with other retained reflex parents:

My clinics are at the following locations:

Please note that if you attend the Holmwood Clinic for appointments, you will always need to see me there only, even if you live closer to Horsham. This is because of my agreement with the owner of the Holmwood Clinic. My latest appointment there is at 3.30pm on Thursdays.

If you wish to contact me, please use the contact form or send me an email with your contact details.

Please do not send lengthy texts, as I cannot respond to these.


Initial appointment – £120 : includes inital chat on the phone, as well as discussion prior to and after appointment. I find this works well, as we then don’t have to talk in front of a child. Also includes a report on findings.

If you do not want a report, the cost of an assessment is £90.

Follow-up appointments: £75

SSP – please ask and I’ll price for you depending on whether you complete the programme in clinic over five consecutive days, weekly appointments or at home with remote supervision by me*.

*please note that the SSP is not suitable for everyone to use at home.

Home visits

I do not offer home visits. This is because I have noticed that it is much more difficult to control an appointment appropriately, and consequently people seem less likely to follow my advice/instructions.


Sometimes, I know that it is necessary to cancel appointments at very short notice. However, if you have to cancel within 48 hours, I will invoice 50% of the appointment fee unless someone else can take your appointment. If you cancel on the day, I will charge 100% of the appointment fee – this sum is due immediately, just as if you were attending an appointment.

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