Move2Connect was founded in 2017 by Emma Ashfield.

Emma came across the concept of “retained reflexes” through work with her own family, and found her true vocation by experiencing change through primitive reflex integration first hand.

Having qualified to study osteopathy, she decided to change career completely. However, she always works alongside cranial osteopaths, as she feels that cranial osteopathy in conjunction with reflex integration tends to be a key part of the journey.

Emma uses primitive reflex integration as well as individualised music, rhythm, and movement programmes.

Her approach involves teaching a series of powerful foetal and infant movement patterns, which have the effect of reducing anxiety, sensory and behavioural challenges through neuroplasticity.

These very simple movements are valuable life skills that anyone, regardless of age, can employ to effect profound change.

Emma is also actively involved in training professionals with a background in the trauma of neurodiversity in the use of the ground-breaking Safe and Sound Protocol, based on Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory, which she also uses to support primitive reflex integration.

In 2019, Emma helped edit Moira Dempsey’s new book, “Beyond the Sea Squirt: A Journey With Reflexes”, and helped Moira to decide on this excellent book title, as well as contributing a couple of her own powerful case studies.

What makes Move2Connect different?

The Move2Connect method combines the Safe and Sound Protocol with primitive reflex integration, somatic embodiment and other neuroplasticity techniques involving rhythm, movement and co-regulation, also working closely with osteopaths and other related therapists.

A client recently said to Emma:

You have experience that cannot be bought, because you know what it feels like to sit on our side of the room“.

This made Emma feel very emotional – because having been in the client seat herself, she takes the utmost care to find a therapeutic pathway that works for each individual client, even if that means having to say goodbye and refer elsewhere.

The Move2Connect method uses a combination of reflex integration movements and other bodywork techniques coupled with the Safe and Sound Protocol, and the iLs Focus programme, if required.

Move2Connect is experienced at delivering both the Safe and Sound Protocol and iLs Focus Programme remotely, meaning that you can access these programmes from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world.

However, for primitive reflex integration work, it is more effective to visit Emma in her Horsham clinic, in person. This is because movements taught are very exact, and it’s preferable not to evaluate or teach this work online.

Because of the passive nature of some of the movements used, this work is also suitable for those who find it difficult to engage or follow instructions.

What are retained reflexes?

Emma is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and as a polyvagal-informed approach to trauma, this complements the work she does using the Safe and Sound Protocol and primitive reflex integration.

She is a member of Action Trauma, the UK Psychological Trauma Society and the The European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.

Rhythm and predictability is an important aspect of our development and ability to self-regulate by providing us with cues of safety.

Emma Ashfield

To contact me, please send an e-mail, as it is normally not possible to answer the phone during business hours.

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