A family using SSP Connect together before each of them goes through SSP Core one by one:

We have been using the SSP Connect and I must say we have really been enjoying the experience. I have been surprised at just how enjoyable is really is to carve out the time to sit down and do something fun and relaxing while listening to music. You said that this part alone was therapeutic, and now I can see that you were absolutely right. I’m really glad that we have taken the time to do SSP Connect because we definitely have needed to work out the best way to get the space set up and everything feeling right for the session, so I’m grateful that you educated us on how beneficial this would be. 

March 16th 2023

Dan – aged 7

6 months on from SSP and my son not only fully participated in a dance display at his school but look at him – he’s smiling!!! Last autumn he had to be persuaded to speak 5 words at harvest festival and here he is absolutely smashing the dance performance! I held back tears the whole way through I was so impressed by how far he has come.

Oscar, aged 9

We recently worked with Emma to look at reducing anxiety in our eldest. We are already doing reflex work but Emma offered us the Safe and Sound Protocol, which we did under her guidance. O responded immediately in a positive way, is much slower to react to triggers and accesses his coping strategies much more easily. Would highly recommend Emma.

Erika – aged 47

Erika had started suffering from social anxiety and depression following the birth of her now school-aged child. She found social situations hard and would constantly cancel at the last minute. In addition, she found switching off after work very hard, and was an insomniac, functioning on as little as four hours’ sleep a night.

She heard about the Safe and Sound Protocol via social media, and was keen to give it a go.

We had a one hour one-to-one session, in which co-regulation was the central theme! I then issued instructions on how to proceed for hours 2-5, and then we reconvened for a one hour debrief on hour 5.

“The main result I’ve noticed from the SSP is my quality of sleep. During the programme, I was ready to go to bed by 9pm every night, and slept soundly until 6am! I’ve also noticed a great reduction in social anxiety, and feel more able to confront social situations without panicking”.

Oliver – aged 4

Oliver has had issues with aggression against other children for the past few months, both at pre-school and in public spaces such as playgrounds. His parents contacted me because they are convinced was to do with anxiety, and didn’t know how to address it. He has a mild speech and language disorder, which makes him less articulate than the average four year-old.

We completed the protocol during the October half term holiday, and since then, the incidents have petered out to once a day, once a week and none at all in early December! In addition, I have noticed that his speech has improved very noticeably in clarity and content.

Austin – aged 8

Austin has a range of diagnosed specific learning difficulties, including dypraxia, dyslexia and dysgraphia. We did the programme together on the first day – he enjoyed drawing and making models with air drying clay during our first session. His parents then continued through to day five with him at home. They reported that he went to sleep far more easily throughout the programme. Additionally, there was a drastic improvement in handwriting, without any other intervention.

The SSP continues to make improvements for several weeks after it has been completed.

Lucy – aged 45

Lucy decided to try the SSP as a drug-free way to address her anxiety. She has found it much easier to sleep since completing the programme, but even better news for her is that it has eased her perimenopause and her monthly cycle is once again regular after a year of being all over the place.

Lukas – aged 6

Lukas came to me with a presentation of sensory processing difficulties and poor receptive language skills. He completed one session with me, in which he drew me some fantastic pictures and then made trains out of play doh. He completed the remainder of the programme at home with his mother, with remote support.

His mother reports that he has developed close friendships with a couple of boys in his class and has been invited for playdates for the first time ever! His attention at school is noticeably improved, and sensory issues reduced.

Jack – aged 9

Jack is non-verbal and struggles with anxiety, and attends a specialist school, where he requires a high level of support with transitions and routine.

He completed the SSP over the holidays.

When he started back at school, his key worker could not believe the change, as he had started following instructions without having his hand physically held. He was also able to cope much better with transitions (such as the end of play time), and has started to join in with songs during circle time.

Further SSP case studies are published on the iLs website

*Please note that some of the names above have been changed for complete anonymity.

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