I receive hundreds of emails every week, and many similar questions.

So you don’t have to wait for a reply to an email, I’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions that will hopefully save you some time.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Please visit this page How do I get started? or All programmes at a glance

Q. What is the difference between the SSP and other listening therapies?

A The SSP is the only listening programme that addresses the autonomic nervous system. For this reason, the SSP is the best starting point for neuroplasticity therapies.

Q. What is the music for the SSP like?

A. You can trial the SSP Connect for two weeks with no commitment to work with me. This allows you to try out the music and work out whether it’s something you’d like to do.

Q. Are your programmes remote?

A. The Safe and Sound Protocol and Focus System are both delivered remotely, as well as education on Polyvagal Theory and my Remaining Regulated session. I can also carry out follow up appointments for primitive reflex integration, but most initial primitive reflex integration appointments are in clinic. However, if you live in a remote part of the world or cannot make clinic appointments, I may be able to work with you remotely, but please understand that in-person is far more accurate and yields more rapid results..

Q. Do I need primitive reflexes or the Safe and Sound Protocol first?

A. I tend to start all my new clients with the Safe and Sound Protocol. This is because the SSP is the only intervention to work at the level of the autonomic nervous system, addressing fear and trauma at a cellular level. My primitive reflex clients often find that reflexes integrate more quickly when they’ve completed a round of SSP first.

Q. How many primitive reflex appointments will my child need?

A. This is not an easy question to answer, but success with any neuroplasticity programme relies on frequency, intensity and duration. In other words, if you don’t stick with your programme, and attend appointments on an erratic basis, you will not see the same results as someone who diligently follows my programme every day and returns for fortnightly or monthly appointments.

Q. Have you worked with clients with autism, ADHD, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, Long Covid, PTSD, complex trauma, <insert condition here>

A. My work is not about diagnoses, but about what is showing up for you or your child. We look at autonomic state and address the root cause. It may be that I’m a one-stop shop (rare), or that you are already working with another therapist, or that you would like to come to me for follow-up work.

Q. If my child does the Safe and Sound Protocol, would I benefit too?

A. Yes. There is not a single person that the SSP won’t help at some level. By working with the SSP before your child, you will address your own trauma (that you may not realise is there), and will find that you achieve more effortless connection as well as better emotional regulation. My approach is to coach parents in depth in polyvagal theory and the SSP, and in turn they – as the experts in their children – are able to work most effectively with them.

Q. How long does the SSP take to complete?

A. SSP Connect takes anything from 5 days to 2 months (I offer access to Connect for up to two months under my flat rate, but this can be extended on a subscription basis if required). SSP Core can take anything from 2 weeks to 6 months. I offer 3 months’ access under my flat rate – for any longer than 6 months, you pay a monthly subscription fee, which includes 2×30 minute check-ins.

Q. What is included within your Safe and Sound Protocol pricing?

A. The following are included:

  • access to SSP Connect for up to 2 months
  • access to SSP Core for up to 3 months
  • access to my SSP Client Preparation resources
  • 5 hours’ Zoom contact (including an intake call, a polyvagal theory and SSP Core coaching session and check in Zoom calls as required for the rest of the SSP)
  • access to my group Remaining Regulated sessions for parents = free for current clients, otherwise £10 per participant
  • discounted access to a 1:1 Remaining Regulated session for parents (£40 for 30 minutes instead of £60)

Q. Do you offer professional supervision or training?

A. Yes – please book a Discovery Call to discuss, and then we can either meet in person or via Zoom for supervision/training sessions.

Q. If my child has primitive reflexes, do I have any too?

A. More than likely, yes. The more you understand primitive reflexes, the more you will notice them everywhere!

Q. How much do you charge?

A. Please refer to this page.

Q. What headphones do I need to buy for the SSP?

A. Unyte recommends OneOdio A70s.

Q. Do I need to keep repeating the SSP, or is it a one-off?

A. You may hear that people should repeat the SSP every 3 months, You will not hear this from me – I’ve been working with the SSP since 2018, and my clients repeat SSP a maximum of every 6 months – IF they need to repeat. The nervous system doesn’t stop shifting the second you take your headphones off – change continues for weeks or even months. This is why we see better results with those who take their time and do not keep bombarding their nervous system with interventions – which can lead to overwhelm.

Q. How can I join your next SSP Group experience?

A, you can register interest by sending me an e-mail. Please note that to run groups, I need a similar cohort of nervous systems.

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