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Chris Evans and Retained Reflexes on the Virgin Radio Breakfast Show

One December morning in 2019, my very wonderful colleague, Sara Eloquin, a Horsham-based Cranio-Sacral Therapist, messaged me to urge me to switch on Virgin Radio immediately, telling me that Chris Evans was talking about how his son had benefitted from primitive reflex integration!

Chris Evans, as pictured in the Daily Mail on 4th December 2019

Chris Evans reveals ‘miracle’ treatment helped son Eli’s learning difficulties | Daily Mail Online*

Chris Evans was presenting the Breakfast Show, and telling the world excitedly how his son, Eli, has gone from hardly being able to read and write or do maths to being well ahead of his peer group, just from doing ten minutes of movement per day to inhibit his retained reflexes.

He explained retained reflexes in fantastically simple terms as going to school with the brain not correctly wired to be able to do what a child is being asked to do.

Chris describes reflex integration as a “blooming miracle” and has joined the ranks of those of us who have experienced transformation first hand and now want to tell the world.

He also excitedly announced that he himself, aged 53, has retained reflexes – as do the teachers at his son’s school. In fact, most people do. If you’ve ever struggled in life, retained reflexes may be at the root of your struggles!

*nb. the slightly slap-dash nature of the journalism in this news story suggests either very tight deadlines or…. you’ve guessed it…

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