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“Differences”, Primary Schools and Bullying

This week, I have heard the facepalmily avoidable story of unpleasant bullying of a nine year-old child, both at school and Cubs by the same child. His school thoughtfully brought in a visitor to talk about "differences" this week. Wonderful idea in principle. However, poorly executed in practice because it has caused a bullying situation.… Continue reading “Differences”, Primary Schools and Bullying

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Cost-Effective Reflex Integration

You have undoubtedly found this blog post because you have an interest in retained primitive reflexes. Welcome! At this point, you might be wondering what reflex integration going to cost you. I'm afraid that the answer is: how long is a piece of string? Every person is a complex web of experiences, reflexes, trauma, and… Continue reading Cost-Effective Reflex Integration

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Starting school, SEN and retained reflexes: what you need to know

Is your child starting school in September? It really creeps up quickly on us, and it’s always hard to know which setting is going to be best for our SEN children due to start mainstream primary schools. Sadly, an outstanding OFSTED report isn‘t necessarily an indication that a school is going to be a brilliant… Continue reading Starting school, SEN and retained reflexes: what you need to know