Try the SSP Connect

If you are curious about what the Safe and Sound Protocol playlists involve, and are not sure about going ahead with the programme, I can now offer access to the SSP Connect Adult and Child playlists for 14 days with no requirement to speak to me first, or undergo an assessment.

ALL my clients, without exception, will need to go through the SSP Connect programme, which is an unfiltered version of SSP Core. It is essential to do this, as directed by me, for the best outcomes, and is also part of my assessment process – meaning that if I feel someone is not ready for SSP Core, I will keep working with them on SSP Connect rather than moving to Core – OR sensitively explain that SSP Core is not yet appropriate.

Sometimes people want to either skip this step or rush through it. These people are not suitable SSP candidates and are the most likely people to experience extreme overwhelm. The reason why SSP Connect is so important is that it sets expectations for the SSP Core. Familiarity and routine give us cues of safety, and cues of safety are key to achieving the best possible outcome for the SSP Core programme

What can I expect from the Safe and Sound Protocol – Connect programme?

The Connect programme is intended to be used as a gentle introduction to the SSP Core, in order to familiarise yourself with the playlists, create the routine of listening regularly and work out how and where to listen to the music. This trial may also be useful if you are trying to work out whether the music is right for you, or whether, for example, your child is able to use headphones for listening.

If you decide to work with me within 2 months of your SSP Connect trial, I will deduct the cost of the trial from the cost of my assessment.

When you’ve tried SSP Connect out, please consider booking in for a FREE preassessment with me to discuss how I work with you. It is well worth booking this slot to decide whether we are a good fit.

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