iLs Focus System + 1 month’s support



The Focus 60 system is sold complete with the following:

  • Apple iPod – digital music player containing a variety of CD-quality music processed by iLs
  • iLs Focus Amplifier – powers and regulates the volume of the bone and air conduction headphones
  • iLs iPod-to-Amp Cable – high-fidelity cable that delivers audio from the iPod to the iLs Focus Amplifier
  • BC Headphones – professional headphones customized with bone conduction
  • iLs Waist Pack – to protect the iLs Focus Amplifier and iPod
  • Integration Kit – balance board, bean bags, racquetball, hanging tennis ball, headband and Playbook
  • iPod Charging Cable and iPod Charger – white cord and wall adaptor
  • iLs Focus Amplifier Charger – black wall adaptor with cord

The Focus 60 is loaded with the following iLs programs in 60 minutes and extras:

  • Sensory Motor: 60-session program
  • Concentration & Attention: 40-session program
  • Reading/Auditory Processing: 40-session program
  • Optimal Performance I&II: 24 sessions each
  • Playbook Videos: demonstrations of the Playbook Activities
  • Bone Conduction Test: unique feature to demonstrate/test bone conduction outputiLs Warranty CoverageThe iLs Standard Warranty is 12 months on all parts and components.  The iLs Two-Year Service Plan provides 24 months of Service Plan coverage for your System, replacing your Standard Warranty. The coverage provided by the Service Plan details are available via the link below. The Standard Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship on all components of the System.
  • Please allow approximately 10 working days for shipping
  • You will also benefit from two half-hour coaching sessions via Zoom, or you can attend clinic in person and benefit from your first Focus session free of charge.


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