Preparing for the SSP

If you are preparing to do the SSP with me, you will get exclusive access to this private page, where you can see my five-step process to support you before, during and after SSP.

For the Safe and Sound Protocol to work optimally, it is really important to engage in the process as fully as possible. This means informing yourself fully on the process, as well as co-regulating with me and those around you.

It is essential that you follow my instructions carefully, just as you would if you had been given a prescription drug.

While you are working with me, I can offer you safety and co-regulation from my end, but the rest is up to you – so it is very important to understand your autonomic nervous system and how you can help yourself regulate before, during and after the programme, as well as considering what your next steps might be once you’ve finished listening.

Sometimes, people do not notice any change at all from listening for the first time. It is impossible that nothing has happened to your autonomic state, but you may not be aware due to a lack of self-awareness/body-brain connection. In this case, it is advisable to look at repeating the protocol a few months later.

I like to follow up the SSP with a second ANS screener two weeks after completion of the protocol, and a third ANS screener two months later. This provides me with an insight into how you have responded and is also very useful information for you in terms of follow-up (either for SSP, psychotherapy, somatic experiencing, trauma-informed yoga, reflex integration etc)

If you decide to follow up with further sessions of SSP there is a discount for follow-ups. Sometimes people will benefit from doing the whole programme again, but many times people just repeat days 3-5 or even just day 5.