PEMF – a powerful follow-up to the Safe and Sound Protocol

In June 2021, I attended a children’s birthday party at a waterpark. While I was spectating, I somehow slipped over on wet decking and walloped down, flat on my face – and more agonisingly, flat on my left knee. It was so painful that I thought I was going to faint, but thankfully didn’t. The waterpark gave me a bourbon biscuit as compensation.

I went to the hospital to try to get an x ray, but x ray had closed by the time I’d waited four hours to see someone. The next day I was hobbling and went back to x-ray, but was then expected to wait another four hours for the result, and they would not disclose whether they were concerned or not by phone. I asked them if they would write to me if it was anything worrying, and as I never heard back, I assume it wasn’t. However, it’s by far the worst knee injury I’ve had in my life. It was keeping me awake at night and I do not like taking strong painkillers for any more than a couple of days at a time.

While researching Neurofeedback a while ago (which I trained in, but do not provide due to the high cost to users), I stumbled across PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields). Having looked into the science behind PEMF, I was convinced that it would be helpful to accelerate my healing, whether I’d injured cartiledge or worse. PEMF works by increasing blood flow to the area being treated and increasing mitochondrial function. After doing my research, I opted for an inexpensive headband version, called Neorhythm, by a company called Omnipemf based in Slovenia.

Neorhythm promotional video

Having received my Neorhythm, I was curious to try it out for the other applications advertised on its website, and by my favourite neurohacking YouTuber, neuropsychiatrist Dr Cody Rall.

When I applied Neorhythm to my knee, it felt like a warm hug. I felt my knee almost crackling with healing. Every time I used it, it felt better, until a couple of weeks later when I no longer needed it at all, and my limp disappeared. I was able to do a very steep part of the South West Coastal Path, to my delight.

But that is not all… Neorhythm also influences brainwaves. While neurofeedback trains your brain by teaching it to respond to stimuli, Neorhythm influences your brainwaves using electromagnetic pulses.

Neorhythm promises to get anyone to sleep within 20 minutes. So I was dying to try this particular aspect out – and it works! Not only this but I stayed asleep all night, and woke up feeling a million dollars.

There’s also a lucid dreaming function, which I absolutely love for first thing in the morning.

Additionally, it’s possible to set your own programmes using the Neorhythm app – so I use 1Hz for 8 hours, which gives me very restful sleep all night long.

Some information on how we’re influenced by different frequencies, explained by Dr Cody Rall.

A few months later, Omnipemf released a Neorhythm pad, which I have taken into clinic many times to sit anxious clients on during their sessions.

In September 2023, Omnipemf is starting large-scale research on the use of Neorhythm for the Vagus Nerve.

I frequently recommend Neorhythm as a fantastic follow up to the Safe and Sound Protocol – and as something that you can own for under £350. (This includes post-Brexit customs duty of nearly £50). You can also rent / rent to buy a Neorhythm PEMF mat or band from me – please email me for details.

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