I offer online support groups and one to one sessions for those having a tough time balancing life with being a “special needs” parent. Even better, group sessions are FREE to current SSP clients. In these sessions, we’ll explore how to navigate the world of SEND and how to ensure that you look after your nervous system so that you can hold the space to advocate for your child without it consuming your sanity.

Being a parent is sometimes hard enough, even if our children present as “neurotypical”. Being the parent of a child who is struggling, whatever kind of educational setting they are in is something that parents of apparently neurotypical children cannot begin to comprehend.

We are our own community!

Let us Communicate

From my own personal experience, I discovered that dealing with my own trauma has helped me to be a much better parent. I’ve been far more connected to my own children. Working with reflexes and the Safe and Sound Protocol has helped countless parents to deal with the special needs minefield, or even to feel less bothered by school playground politics or those cruel stares one can get.

The Safe and Sound Protocol and Primitive Reflex Integration help people deal with the stresses that everyday life throws at them. They help them to not let things “get to” them, let things go more easily, switch off more easily at night. It helps people process and move on, makes people more patient and more efficient. Working on yourself FIRST, as the centre of your family, can also affect your child’s behaviour, anxiety and even their general progress with a programme. This is because you will gain a far deeper understanding of your relationships with your children, partner and even friends/work colleagues, and be able to offer stronger and more grounded connection to support your child.

Connecting with other parents like you can be extremely valuable – so why not connect while learning more about how you can hack your nervous system to remain grounded for your family?

Around 40% of my caseload are adults with trauma. They are mainly parents who have come to me about their child initially, and then decided that they would like to experience change first hand. I’ve seen many amazing transformations – better balance, better concentration, better working memory, reduced anxiety…

If you would like to book an appointment to come and see me, please send me an e-mail.

Support groups you may find helpful

If you are wishing to research some perspective from adults with retained reflexes some more before emailing me, you can join this Facebook group in order to find out more and research experiences, or compare notes once you are on programme.

For support in applying for Disability Living Allowance – which is care and mobility needs-based, and requires no formal diagnosis, this Facebook support group is useful.

If you have a child with asynchronous development (high IQ coupled with learning difficulties), this group is very supportive.

If you are looking for help in applying for an Education and Health Care Plan, to provide additional funding and support for your child at school, please join this group.

Please bear in mind that you can STILL do this, even if you start to see me – my work is a gradual process that takes patience and dedication – in the meantime, please do seek solid help for your child.

For SEN advocacy services, I can highly recommend Education Advocacy and How to be Heard. Additionally SOS-SEN are very helpful, and offer a free advice line.

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