From September 2020:

Clinic appointment: £90

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP Core): The SSP Core is individualised for each person, according to the state of your autonomic nervous system. For those who need daily Zoom contact or a vastly slowed down protocol, the cost varies too much to offer a standard rate, and indeed the protocol may not be suitable for some profiles. Please contact me for details.

Assessment – £150

Includes assessment and access to the SSP Connect programme. This may be accessed before SSP Core as preparation for listening and may also be used in order to help you integrate and calm your nervous system.

Safe and Sound Protocol – SSP Core Programme – From £400: price varies depending on who SSP is for. Discounts are available for families, and full funding may be available for adopted children eligible for ASF via their local authority.

SSP via ASF: Due to increased costs, the SSP Core funded by the local authority costs £650 plus assessment of £150. Additional reports, calls or meetings required by local authorities are at additional cost. Please contact me if you require a formal quotation for your LA.

SSP Balance:

This programme is a more lightly filtered form of SSP Core, and may require a certain amount of supervision, hence pricing – and suitability – varies.

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) annual access price plans also available: If you have used SSP with me within the last 12 months, you are eligible for discounted repeat rounds of the protocol.

SSP training and consultancy: £100 per hour.

To ensure that payment is completely contactless, payment is now due BEFORE your appointment by bank transfer or card.

*please note that the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is not suitable for everyone to use at home – screening applies.


Sometimes, I know that it is necessary to cancel appointments at short notice.

However, if you have to cancel within 24 hours, I will retain 50% of the appointment fee unless someone else can take your appointment.

If you cancel on the day, I will charge 100% of the appointment fee – this sum is due immediately, just as if you were attending an appointment.

These cancellation charges also apply to online appointments.

Be happy in the skin you’re in.