My fees

LocationAge groupServicePrice
Clinic – HorshamChildren onlyPrimitive Reflex Integration.
Session is typically between 45 mins and 1 hour

Children and AdultsAssessment and SSP Connect programme for up to 2 months
The Connect programme is an ESSENTIAL part of the SSP.


Children (plus one parent included)1 round of SSP Core*, as well as 3 hours’ Zoom supervision and access to my SSP Client Preparation Page for max 3 months. Parent price may vary, depending on the assessment outcome.£425
RemoteAdultsEstimated price following completion of assessment.£100 p/h
Remote Children only2nd round of Connect and Core (hours 1-5) within 12 months – includes review fee. Price only applicable to clients who have completed SSP with me originally. £180 per month
RemoteChildren and AdultsBooster of hours 3-5 – no less than 90 days after the conclusion of SSP Core£200
RemoteAdults and ChildrenSSP Balance Programme (if appropriate), or SSP Connect subscription£50 pcm
RemoteSSP programmes paid for using Adoption Support Fund:
Note that this can take significantly longer and a lot more work than SSP directly with a family as well as parents experiencing SSP for themselves FIRST.
My pricing includes coaching and support for families as well as an initial meeting with social workers and schools, as well as a final meeting with all parties.
Additional meetings and reports will be at additional cost.
RemoteChildreniLs Focus Programme
Please note that this for a minimum of 10 months, and includes one 30 minute Zoom call once a fortnight to review movements and progress.
£180 pcm or £1700 if paid up-front
(plus import tax on delivery – approx £240)
RemotePractitioners onlyTraining: How to use the Safe and Sound Protocol as a Neurodevelopmental Therapist.
This course covers the following areas and is offered on a 1:1 basis over 3 hours of Zoom calls, or in person if required:
– Considerations for pre-screening your clients
– How to assess clients accurately
– How and when to say no / not yet
– Who NOT to work with and how to break the news that SSP really isn’t suitable (yet)
– How to prepare your clients for SSP Core
– Consent / liability
– What expectations to set for clients
– How to monitor your client during SSP Core
– Overwhelm and how to deal with it
– How to use SSP Connect and Balance (this is not covered in standard SSP training – my approach is unique)
– Why I ALWAYS see positive change in my clients
– Discussion on mentoring / case reviews
RemoteTraining for Practitioners OnlyThe Safe and Sound Protocol: Connect
Downloadable course, containing essential information
– What is it?
– Why use it?
– How should it be used?
– How long should it be used for?


To ensure that payment is completely contactless, payment is now due BEFORE your appointment by bank transfer or card.

*please note that the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is not suitable for everyone to use at home – an assessment applies at a cost of £175 via Zoom. Occasionally, I feel SSP is not the right approach for prospective employees before we have even had an assessment appointment. If this is the case, I will tell you at this point to save you from wasting your time.


Sometimes, I know that it is necessary to cancel appointments at short notice.

However, if you have to cancel within 24 hours, I will retain 50% of the appointment fee unless someone else can take your appointment.

If you cancel on the day, I will charge 100% of the appointment fee – this sum is due immediately, just as if you were attending an appointment.

These cancellation charges also apply to online appointments.

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