iLs Focus System

Available from Spring 2020

The comprehensive iLs Focus system incorporates music movement and language in order to help the body and brain to reorganise.

This is a true one-stop shop neuroplasticity therapy, requiring dedication and discipline on the part of parents or caregivers for an effective result.

It is recommended that children complete at least three hours of listening per week, which can either be in clinic or at home with monthly visits to clinic.

The programme takes around four to six months to complete.

For the home programme, clients can rent to buy their own systems from iLs, supported locally by Move2Connect with regular clinic sessions.

For children with anxiety and auditory processing difficulties, it may be advisable to start off with the Safe and Sound Protocol before proceeding with the Focus System.

You can find further information on the Focus system here.

Dr Ron Minson, founder of iLs, explaining the iLs bottom-up approach to neuroplasticity.

An overview of the iLs Focus System