Q. Can I do SSP remotely online?

A. Yes, you can – as long as you meet the criteria, described on my Who do I work with? page.

Q. How often would I need to see you for primitive reflex integration?

A. I recommend that clients come to me every fortnight for the first two to three sessions, and thereafter, every four weeks.

Q. Can you do primitive reflex work remotely?

A. I prefer not to, especially with clients I have not assessed in person before.

Q. How long after starting primitive reflex work before I start to see improvement?

A. This really varies. Some people see instant change after their first appointment, and with some, it can take a couple of sessions.

Q. Can I pick your brains about training in primitive reflex integration or SSP?

A. Sure you can – but please book in for a chargeable mentoring session.

Q. Do you offer any discounts?

A. I can give you a loyalty card when I first see you in clinic. Your 10th session is completely free of charge.

Q. Can I pay for the Safe and Sound Protocol in instalments?

A. I am happy to discuss this with you.

Q. Can I claim local authority funding for the Safe and Sound Protocol or Primitive Reflex Integration?

A. Yes – I work with a growing number of local authorities for the Safe and Sound Protocol.

Q. I keep telling my friends about you!

A. You get a discount of £10 off your next session when you refer someone to me and they book a session.

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