Contact, Book, Fees

Please complete my assessment form when you book an appointment.

My clinics are at the following locations:

Please contact me on 07756 051879 between 9-10am, Monday to Friday, or use the contact form or send me an email with your contact details, and I will call you back.

Please do not send lengthy texts, as I cannot respond to these.

My Fees

My fees from 1st September 2019 are as follow:

Initial appointment – £80 : includes inital chat on the phone, as well as discussion prior to and after appointment. I find this works well, as we then don’t have to talk in front of a child.

Report on findings from initial appointment (optional extra): £30

Follow-up appointments: £60

SSP – please ask and I’ll price for you depending on whether you complete the programme in clinic or at home*. There is a slight discount for my existing clients.

I do not offer home visits. This is because I have noticed that it is much more difficult to control an appointment appropriately, and consequently people seem less likely to follow my advice.

Sometimes, I know that it is necessary to cancel appointments at very short notice. However, if you have to cancel within 48 hours, I will invoice 50% of the appointment fee unless someone else can take your appointment.

*please note that the SSP is not suitable for everyone to use at home.