Book the Safe and Sound Protocol

Start your Safe and Sound Protocol journey

If you would like to start the process by booking an assessment for the Safe and Sound Protocol*:


Complete these three screening forms. Note that you will need to complete a separate form for each person doing the SSP, but you will (normally) only need to book one screening appointment.

  1. SSP Intake Form
  2. ANS Screener
  3. Move2Connect Developmental History


Book an assessment appointment in my calendar. Please note that I can only usually accommodate between 9am – 2.30pm, Monday to Friday. Occasionally it is possible to take an appointment outside this time – please email me.

Please familiarise yourself with the content on my SSP Client Preparation page. This content is updated frequently and contains information to help you prepare for SSP, as well as techniques and exercises to help you regulate during the SSP. Please ask me if you would like me to go through anything with you via Zoom. The password changes monthly, so if you ever can’t get in, please let me know!


Attend your assessment appointment. In this appointment, we will be looking through your forms – so please ensure that you send these back to me at least 24 hours before your appointment. We will also be having a general chat, as well as getting to know one another face to face.

Please note that an assessment does not guarantee that I will be able to work with you. This appointment is all about working out a “plan” with you, as well as ensuring that we can work together.

As long as I think you will benefit from the SSP, I will then give you access to the Connect programme in order that you can prepare for the SSP Core.