Start your Safe and Sound Protocol journey

If you would like to book the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), you can start off by booking an intake appointment for the Safe and Sound Protocol*,


Contact me to book a discovery call via Zoom. These tend to take place between 9am and midday on Wednesday and Thursday.

Please note that these calls are a strict 20 minutes. It is a good idea to prepare questions to ask in advance so that no time is wasted.

I do not need to hear a full clinical history during this call – this call is about you finding out whether you can work with me.

If you are not ready to commit at this point, you can also try a 14-day subscription the SSP app commitment-free, without even speaking to me. The Connect is an unfiltered playlist, identical to the filtered Core programme.


Book and pay for an intake appointment . Please note that I can only usually accommodate between 9am – 4pm, Monday to Thursday. Occasionally it is possible to take an appointment outside this time (evenings) – please email me.

Please familiarise yourself with the content on my SSP Client Preparation page, for which you will get the password as soon as you’ve paid for an assessment appointment. This content is updated frequently and contains information to help you prepare for SSP, as well as techniques and exercises to help you regulate during the SSP. Please ask me if you would like me to go through anything with you via Zoom.

The password changes monthly, so if you ever can’t get in, please let me know!


If I am seeing a child, complete the three screening forms on my Client Preparation Page, and return to me at least two days before your assessment appointment. For adults, I will go through these forms online with you during an assessment.


Attend your intake appointment. In this appointment, we will be looking through your forms – so please ensure that you send these back to me at least 24 hours before your appointment. We will also be having a general chat, as well as getting to know one another face to face.

Please note that an intake does not guarantee that I will be able to work with you. This appointment is all about working out a “plan” with you, as well as ensuring that we can work together.

As long as I think you will benefit from the SSP, I will then give you access to the Connect programme in order that you can prepare for the SSP Core.

You will have access to SSP Connect for up to two months, and usually no less than a week. Once you start SSP Core, we will be going at the pace that you need, but any breaks of more than 2 weeks will require an additional review appointment. Any break of one month or more may require that you start again, which will have cost implications – so make sure you make space in your life for SSP before starting.

I am able to maintain my extremely reasonable value price structure due to the fact that I do not work with those I feel need a level of support that cannot be offered remotely. This is because I have been working with the Safe and Sound Protocol for a lot longer than most practitioners in the United Kingdom – four years now – and understand the process people go through intimately.

If I cannot offer ongoing support remotely, I may be able to suggest the best practitioner for you to work with face to face. I will usually pick up on this prior to your assessment appointment, and will suggest a short, free of charge video call to explain my reasoning with you.

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