Safe and Sound Protocol App

The free Safe and Sound Protocol app is available to download for Android or Apple devices.

You will receive an invitation from your practitioner and will be given access to the appropriate part of the programme when you start to work with them. Access to the programmes and guidance through them by an experienced practitioner is included in the protocol fees.

You can no try out the Safe and Sound Protocol Connect programme with no commitment to proceed with Move2Connect. You can also book a free pre-assessment with me to find out a little about how I work. Professionals may like to consider SSP Professional mentoring and further training sessions with me, or join the wait list for my next group SSP listening sessions.

The Safe and Sound Protocol comprises 3 “pathways”:

Information on the SSP Three Pathways

SSP Connect

A programme that can be completed unsupervised in preparation for the SSP Core.

While you are working on this programme, I will expect regular updates from you. The cost of the Safe and Sound Protocol: Connect programme is included in your assessment fee.

I also use the Connect programme as an additional assessment tool. If I have concerns about the safety of you proceeding to the SSP Core programme because I not feel that it is right for you at the time, I will let you know at this point and point you in the right direction.

The reason why SSP Connect is so important is that it sets expectations for the SSP Core. Familiarity, co-regulation and routine give us cues of safety, and cues of safety are key to achieving the best possible outcome for the SSP Core programme.

Try the SSP Connect with no commitment now.

SSP Core

Once you have completed SSP Connect, as long as I’m satisfied that you’ve engaged with it appropriately, I will move you on to the SSP Core programme. If I do not think you are ready to work on this programme, you can continue to work with SSP Connect, and continue to check in regularly and work together towards the SSP Core programme.

Our first SSP Core session, whether remote or in-person, will focus on co-regulation, anchoring autonomic state and listening to the Safe and Sound Protocol together.

Adults with trauma should expect to complete around three hours of co-regulation and listening sessions with me via Zoom during the SSP Core. I also welcome co-regulation Zoom sessions during the SSP Connect programme.

SSP Balance

This programme contains calming music designed to further ground and integrate following completion of the Safe and Sound Protocol.

It is designed to be listened to on an as and when basis.

However, some clients find the Balance programme as activating as SSP Core, for which reason it is only available as a separate subscription on a monthly rolling contract, and additional support from a practitioner may be required – charged on an hourly rate.

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