A child’s guide to their first appointment

Hello! I’m Emma and you’ll be coming to see me in either Horsham, Dorking or Cranleigh soon!

Everyone in the world has things they are brilliant at and things they have to work hard to do.

I only discovered that I had to work much harder than I needed to when I was a grown up.

I discovered that by doing a set of easy movements every day for just a few minutes, I felt less worried. I also found it easier to sleep and found it much easier to concentrate and to sit still!

By doing these little exercises every day, it is easier to move and to think.

I wish I’d been able to come and see someone like me when I was at school!

When you come to see me, I might ask you to draw me a picture of yourself, or write something. If you don’t want to draw or write, that is ok! You can play with my Rubiks cube or do some building if you like.

Next, I’ll ask you to do some funny tricks for me – all very easy. These are not “tests” – I am just seeing how your brain works.

Then I will show you some gentle movements, and you can tell me which ones you like best. Then you will go home, and you’ll do these movements every day until we next see each other.

You might gradually notice that things become a little bit easier! You will probably need to come and see me a few times, but I promise to try and make your visits fun!

I look forward to seeing you soon!

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